Sunday, September 9, 2012

When I fell out of Love with the Grand Old Party

Ok, so the election is a pretty big deal and since I have trouble trying to remember things (thanks to MS) I thought I would do a little look back at why I'm no longer a republican. Modern day Cubans in America (I'm not trying to do a book report here people, looking from 1960's onward) have mostly consisted of Republicans, don't ask me why that is, is it a grudge against Kennedy? (my guess is yes) is it that the GOP Candidate likes to schmooze the Cuban american constituency with promises regarding Cuba that they won't keep? definitely . Well I'm not here to debate that, I started out like any cuban son (born here) I accepted my parents indoctrination that the GOP candidate was what we wanted. At my first presidential election that I could vote in Bob Dole (R) was running against Bill Clinton. I was still shaky in what I believed. Since I was turned against Democrats I wasn't going to vote for Clinton and since Bob Dole seemed like an out of touch Old man (made that conclusion on my own, SNL didn't help me) So I ended up voting for Ralph Nader (green) because I knew that he wasn't going to win (talk about throwing a vote away). Fast forward to 2000, I turned to George W, not so much because of his party but because he proclaimed his faith (I am a Non-Denominational christian) and I believed (blindly) that he would be basing his decisions in a like manner,      in 2004 I fell for the Kerry doesn't have it bullshit that GW fed America to win again. I didn't start hating GW  because of Pop-Culture I started questioning him as a President when the issue of the Dubai World ports  came about. Based on Bush's lack of concern on Who or How the ports of America should be defended and run I began to question all the other things that I'd been hearing, I'd been on the fence for a while but after this point I knew that I definitely didn't agree with this fool because the issue of the ports seemed like a poor decision not based on safety but one based on profit.

In 2008 I weighed my decision carefully, (again I didn't base it on SNL) I based my choice on Hope and although President Obama doesn't walk on water I believe that he is doing a good job at protecting my interests as a citizen of this great country. I take all of this quite personally because I spend a lot of time hearing people gripe and insult the president (both online and on my fathers Cuban talk radio shows)  Being diagnosed in 2010 with Multiple Sclerosis Health care is a very real and very big issue that especially concerns me, that and Laws regarding women (both health care wise and The Lilly Ledbetter Act) So in 2012 it's not a contest, I will be voting for Barack Obama for a second term.

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