Sunday, September 9, 2012

When I fell out of Love with the Grand Old Party

Ok, so the election is a pretty big deal and since I have trouble trying to remember things (thanks to MS) I thought I would do a little look back at why I'm no longer a republican. Modern day Cubans in America (I'm not trying to do a book report here people, looking from 1960's onward) have mostly consisted of Republicans, don't ask me why that is, is it a grudge against Kennedy? (my guess is yes) is it that the GOP Candidate likes to schmooze the Cuban american constituency with promises regarding Cuba that they won't keep? definitely . Well I'm not here to debate that, I started out like any cuban son (born here) I accepted my parents indoctrination that the GOP candidate was what we wanted. At my first presidential election that I could vote in Bob Dole (R) was running against Bill Clinton. I was still shaky in what I believed. Since I was turned against Democrats I wasn't going to vote for Clinton and since Bob Dole seemed like an out of touch Old man (made that conclusion on my own, SNL didn't help me) So I ended up voting for Ralph Nader (green) because I knew that he wasn't going to win (talk about throwing a vote away). Fast forward to 2000, I turned to George W, not so much because of his party but because he proclaimed his faith (I am a Non-Denominational christian) and I believed (blindly) that he would be basing his decisions in a like manner,      in 2004 I fell for the Kerry doesn't have it bullshit that GW fed America to win again. I didn't start hating GW  because of Pop-Culture I started questioning him as a President when the issue of the Dubai World ports  came about. Based on Bush's lack of concern on Who or How the ports of America should be defended and run I began to question all the other things that I'd been hearing, I'd been on the fence for a while but after this point I knew that I definitely didn't agree with this fool because the issue of the ports seemed like a poor decision not based on safety but one based on profit.

In 2008 I weighed my decision carefully, (again I didn't base it on SNL) I based my choice on Hope and although President Obama doesn't walk on water I believe that he is doing a good job at protecting my interests as a citizen of this great country. I take all of this quite personally because I spend a lot of time hearing people gripe and insult the president (both online and on my fathers Cuban talk radio shows)  Being diagnosed in 2010 with Multiple Sclerosis Health care is a very real and very big issue that especially concerns me, that and Laws regarding women (both health care wise and The Lilly Ledbetter Act) So in 2012 it's not a contest, I will be voting for Barack Obama for a second term.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Girls Bounce Review

In "Big Girl Bounce"  Lulu Dean takes you on a very funny trip through her mind. Dean a proud Big Girl shares from the heart and makes you laugh while doing so. It's a quick read but definitely a fun one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cemetery Club Review

Through Library thing I was asked to provide my opinion on an ARC of Cemetery Club by JG Faherty, I'm not to familiar with Mr. Faherty's work so I gave it a try. The author writes in a style similar to King in that he exposes you to his characters warts and all. The story centers around four friends who share a secret that has one of them institutionalized, another so haunted by his nightmares he becomes an inconsolable drunk, another is moved away by his parents (no doubt to take him away from his hooligan friends) and the other, a poor girl from the bad side of town. Finds her solace in a man she steadily grows to hate. Twenty years go by and the friends come together to save the town from disaster and needless death. I really don't want to reveal any more than that. 

All that being said, I have to say that I that I loved every bit of this book,  I can easily see this in movie form. Mr. Faherty gets you so involved in the characters struggles, it turns into a real page turner to make sure no harm has come to the main characters

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my two cents

most guys, including guys around my age group are fans of jocular humor. Regardless of maturity levels, guys tripping each other and getting hurt is the height of hilarity amongst other guys. The show Jackass has been a constant "go to" show for fans of college humor. The show spawned spin-offs, 3 movies and various would be imitators. On June 21st Ryan Dunn one of the regular stunt-men of the show was speeding on a Pennsylvania road in his Porsche in excess of 120 mph when he lost control and crashed. The coroners report states that his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit in PA. Regardless of how it happened I think anyone would agree that drunk driving is a horrible, horrible idea that no one should ever consider. I count myself as a fan of Jackass and the spin-off shows and I think it was a waste of talent.  Rest in Peace Ryan

Friday, June 3, 2011

What ever happened to?

Many fans of 90's novelty rap might recall the group ABC (Another Bad Creation). The brainchild of Michael Bivins (Bell Biv Devoe, New Edition) Seen as competition for Emerging young rappers Kriss Kross, ABC was made part of the 'east coast family' along with Bell Biv Devoe, Boys to Men (according to the Motown Philly video there was another group in that 'family' ( a group of white guys, sorry don't remember the name)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Too much Ink

There was a time when TLC stood for The Learning Channel, now it seems that it just stands for horrendous oddities network. The "ink" shows which started off with Miami Ink seemed like a simple enough premise, some producers lease out a tattoo parlor and get intriguing people to run it, it was a fun enough concept the first season with Ami James and his tattoo artist friends working in a shop on Miami Beach. The viewer sees the daily goings on in the shop and the person getting the tattoo would explain the reasoning behind what tattoo they were getting, simple enough right? Well the next season they introduced Kat Von Dee. a southern California chola-rocker girl, to add spice to the mix. She added more of an indigestion to the mix, I stopped watching shortly thereafter. Von Dee soon got her own show which was more her own style, drama and people yelling and getting all dramatic, I really don't know if the show is still on or if Von Dee is too busy with other projects. In the meantime there was a London Ink that was on real briefly and there was a 'tatt' show about a shop that was inside a Vegas casino, I never even saw that one. But I'm glad that TLC announced that Ami James is back for NY Ink, I don't know too much about this incarnation but it shows promise in that it seems like a fresh start for James. I hope that TLC doesn't screw this one up like they do with other shows.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Name this Transformer

Seriously I'm not kidding, I'm at a disadvantage because as well versed as I am I know that there are some fan boys out there who might recognize this character. For my sake I hope it's not a Beast Wars character (don't even get me started on that stupid incarnation)