Monday, May 30, 2011

Too much Ink

There was a time when TLC stood for The Learning Channel, now it seems that it just stands for horrendous oddities network. The "ink" shows which started off with Miami Ink seemed like a simple enough premise, some producers lease out a tattoo parlor and get intriguing people to run it, it was a fun enough concept the first season with Ami James and his tattoo artist friends working in a shop on Miami Beach. The viewer sees the daily goings on in the shop and the person getting the tattoo would explain the reasoning behind what tattoo they were getting, simple enough right? Well the next season they introduced Kat Von Dee. a southern California chola-rocker girl, to add spice to the mix. She added more of an indigestion to the mix, I stopped watching shortly thereafter. Von Dee soon got her own show which was more her own style, drama and people yelling and getting all dramatic, I really don't know if the show is still on or if Von Dee is too busy with other projects. In the meantime there was a London Ink that was on real briefly and there was a 'tatt' show about a shop that was inside a Vegas casino, I never even saw that one. But I'm glad that TLC announced that Ami James is back for NY Ink, I don't know too much about this incarnation but it shows promise in that it seems like a fresh start for James. I hope that TLC doesn't screw this one up like they do with other shows.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Name this Transformer

Seriously I'm not kidding, I'm at a disadvantage because as well versed as I am I know that there are some fan boys out there who might recognize this character. For my sake I hope it's not a Beast Wars character (don't even get me started on that stupid incarnation)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I know that face!

Here's a list of familiar faces who tend to pop up in all kinds of tv and film rolesand yet aren't regular household names

Sam Anderson has played a few 80's centric characters on Perfect Strangers (Mr Gorpley) on Growing Pains (Principal Dewitt)

Terry Kiser is mostly recognized for playing Bernie Lomax in Weekend at Bernie's he has had bit parts in shows like Three's Company, Two Guys and a Girl.

Danny Trejo, probably the most recognizable of my list, he starred as 'Geronimo' in "Blood in Blood Out" and pretty much every Robert Rodriguez movie/project ever made

JK Simmons is best known for roles such as the dad from Juno or J Jonah Jameson in the Spiderman franchise he has also had roles in Law & Order and SVU as well as a small guest spot on Party Down

David Paymer is a well known character actor, his resume is too long to detail here
Stephen Tobolowsky is one of my favorites on my list because hes in one of my favorite movies Groundhog Day as Ned "NeedleNose Ned" Ryerson, BING. Hes been in a number of other shows and movies as well