Thursday, March 31, 2011

Transformers 3

I'm a little behind in my news but I learned today that Leonard Nimoy is voicing the character of Sentinel Prime (Optimus Prime's brother) since this is a Bay production I'm glad its not Jeff Prime. since it is Michael Bay I wouldn't be surprised if they snuck in some other racist crap

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Thanks to the wondrous invention of instant view netflix, Today's movie is 1982's quintessential teen comedy Zapped! starring post Chachi Scott Baio as a geek who stumbles upon a telekinesis formula which allows him to make skirts fly up and bras pop open basically an excuse to see boobs. This is Scott Baio at his finest and that isn't saying much.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

They Came from Outer space!

Upon doing some research I found out that Hulu is streaming "They came from Outer space" a 1990 TV show about two brothers from space who travel the country trying to pick up women. This show was typical of the now defunct Universal Network who was trying to compete with Fox. The show was very low brow and I found it funny, granted I was fourteen years old.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What happens to 90's one hit wonders?

While watching Parks & Recreation last thursday the band Len was mentioned, it got me thinking where the hell did they go? And what about other bands like Urge Overkill, Crash Test Dummies, Heather Bonham. I know its easily remedied by wikipedia but there's no fun in that.

She's fantastic! Made of plastic!

like most kids growing up in the 80's I relied on TV to entertain me! I was a fan of saccharin kids show Small Wonder! about child robot VICI voice imput child identicate. I have been enjoying the 1st season DVD collection (thanks to Netflix). On the commentary section Dick Christie, Marla Pennington and Jerry Supiran share their stories of working on the set. Tiffany Brissette is absent from DVD commentary probably trying to escape being associated with VICI (her only memorable role)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm a weirdo

And I'm ok with that, rather than continue this blog on wordpress I'd rather do it here. And Since I have my MS blog I'd like to keep that more serious and make this one about my bullshit. I have MS but it doesn't have me

Im turning into an old man

one of my favorite things to do at one of my weekend jobs is to hear spanish talk radio.. particularly “Radio Mambi” a very cuban radio station. The programming runs the gamut from music to general complaining from the elderly. Being the cuban culture there us PLENTY of complaining as well as the usual shit talk. I think I like it so much cause it reminds me of my father… he’s rather fond of blaring his little portable radio at the very wee hours of the morning. radio mambi

this is what I do now

it’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything or posted anything longer than 2-3 sentences. so please take it easy on me..  I just came inside from smoking a cheap cigar and I feel homesick/nostalgic for NJ (the cigar made my fingers smell like a Path train)..
train stationI’ve been discovering the joys of diet soda.. as some of you that know me might be aware… soda is pretty big in my life so this whole diet thing is a whole new world. so yeah alexis and I are going the healthy route, not cold turkey mind you but just a drastic cut back on alot of what a fat man like me can eat.

nearing 5am and this is what i find interesting.


I thought Id go on about something very near and dear to me
Optimus Prime
My pal since age 8, Optimus Prime. Im such a geek… I know..
Well Optimus was always there for me in one way or another. The 1986 movie actually left a mark on my frazzled little 10 year old mind when Optimus Prime was killed off half way through. After that the mind fuck continued when the cartoon show brought Optimus back in one way or another, usually as an undead robot zombie. I furthered my obsession in June 2001 when I permanently marked my body with the autobot insignia Mr Prime has on his own arm. so far my fiance isnt too jealous

I can't extract a wordpress site and not get a headache

the title says it all , coming soon